Gardening News

Snapshot of UK's top 10 botanic gardens on Instagram

A snapshot of how popular the UK's botanic gardens were on one day this summer has led to an Instagram top 10 listing.

Migration Advisory Committee dismisses calls for low-skill migration post-Brexit

The "mix" of work migration to the UK should be shifted towards higher-skilled workers, while EU citizens should no longer be privileged, according to the long-awaited Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report, published today (18 September).

Arboriculture consultant launches West Midlands training centre

A tree surgery business and arboricultural consultancy has launched a purpose built training centre in the West Midlands, addressing what it sees as an unmet need for training in the tree and landscape industries.

Grant Associates' Andrew Grant chosen for landscape TEDx talk

Grant Associates' founder and director Andrew Grant is one of 12 experts chosen to speak at the first TEDx talk event to be held in Bath.

Landscaped courtyard and green roof to feature in redevelopment of former Westminster BT site

Concrete paving will be replaced with landscaping and planting at a development in Westminster, London which has just received planning permission.

Competitive Enterprise Institute says US should stop funding IARC after glyphosate controversy

A US libertarian thinktank says the International Agency for Research on Cancer because "misleading classifications promote counterproductive bans and adverse market impacts".