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sowing peppers, eggplants, and marigolds

  I am up late tonight planting. I put in three trays of seeds. 20 6-pks, 30 varieties. It feels so nice to put tiny seeds in a cushion of moist soil and nutrients and think about how they will look mid summer. The peppers need 80F warmth to germinate so two of my three...

a garden workbench

This is a beautiful brand new bench that a friend of mine has. Her husband just finished building it for her. How lucky!! I love this. She’s already making good use of it.

vegetables that grow fast

It’s a tough time. I’m in eastern Massachusetts, where we have many cases of new coronovirus and we know it’s going to get much worse. My husband and I are staying at home. There are empty store shelves here. Most people are staying at home. I looked up what I can grow at home the...